Ebola in Senegal

Ebola in Senegal is now being reported by health authorities there. This case occurred in a 21 year old student from Guinea and was discovered one week after Senegal closed its borders to the African nations most hard hit by the outbreak.

The patient was discovered when he presented to health officials for a checkup. He is now being kept in isolation at Fann Hospital.

Ebola presents with non-specific symptoms initially and can progress to hemorrhage and cardiac, liver, and renal failure.

Ebola in Southern Nigeria

Ebola in Southern Nigeria is being reported by health officials. In an ominous development, a patient with Ebola in Lagos purposefully evaded quarantine and left the capital to travel to the southern part of the country where he infected a local physician.

The physician’s wife is now showing signs of the disease also, which is marked by fevers, nausea, vomiting and in later stages heart, liver, and kidney failure.

British Ebola Patient Given ZMAPP

British Ebola patient given ZMAPP, according to press reports today. Nurse Will Pooley was infected while working in an Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone and was transported by the Royal Air Force to a specialty unit in London over the weekend.

Although no further supplies of ZMAPP were said to be available from the manufacturer, British physicians and scientists began an international outreach to colleagues after Pooley’s arrival in the UK to locate doses of the experimental drug.

The patient is reportedly stable at this time and sitting up in bed reading and conversing with staff. Doctors say they plan to give additional doses later in his course if needed.

Ebola Cases Reported in Congo

Ebola cases reported in Congo according to health officials there. Two patients have tested positive for the disease and are now under quarantine. It is unclear if the cases in the central African country are related to the West Africa outbreak that has killed more than 1200 people.

Widespread Ebola in the Congo would be ominous as it shares a border with 9 other countries. Congo has had three previous outbreaks.

Black Boxes for Surgery Being Advocated

Black boxes for surgery, much like the black boxes used in airplanes, is being advocated by some physicians and many malpractice attorneys.

The device, being developed by Dr. Teodor Grantcharov, would track every move made by a surgeon’s hands and would allow review and critique of even the tiniest detail of the procedure.

He feels that widespread adoption of the technology would allow real-time correction of surgeon’s errors and would eliminate bad outcomes and surgical complications. However, many other surgeon’s are skeptical about this grandiose claim and see it as a means to aid in tort prosecutions.

Attorneys Richard Epstein and William McMurry are thrilled by the idea. Epstein is an advocate for rushing the device into use.

Ebola Spreading In Nigeria

Ebola spreading in Nigeria, health officials in that country are reporting. To date, all cases can be traced back to the attempt of naturalized United States citizen Patrick Sawyer to knowingly elude his Ebola isolation to travel back in the US.

In the most recent development, spouses of two Nigerian healthcare workers who were infected by Sawyer have also developed the disease. As none of the spouses were put into isolation before this recent diagnosis, several dozen more people who were in contact with the infected spouses are now being asked to monitor themselves for symptoms.

Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly Cancer Free

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is cancer free after completing a grueling course of chemotherapy and radiation to treat metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the jaw that had spread to his sinuses.

Kelly first had surgery on his jaw in June of 2013. Although his physicians were hopeful that they had eradicated the disease, he experienced severe head pain in March, 2014, leading to the discovery that the cancer had spread to his sinus.

Kent Brantly, MD, Leaving Hospital Today

Kent Brantly, MD, is leaving Emory University Hospital today, cured from Ebola, the deadly hemorrhagic fever he contracted in Liberia.

Ebola is marked by initial symptoms such as fever, muscle pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It then progresses to organ system failure including the cardiac, renal, liver, and pulmonary systems. In some patients, uncontrolled hemorrhage occurs from the skin, eyes, mouth, and rectum.

Experimental Drug Shown to Be Effective in Marburg Virus Disease Similar to Ebola

Reports published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine have shown that an experimental drug being manufactured by Tekmira pharmaceuticals was very effective in halting the disease process of the Marburg virus in monkeys.

Marburg virus is an RNA virus very similar to Ebola that causes a hemorrhagic illness that is almost always fatal. Thomas W. Geisbert and colleagues have shown that a drug using RNA interference was able to save all monkeys infected with Marburg virus while none of the monkeys who did not receive the drug survived.

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