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21 Comments to “Dr. Hector Cabral Arrested For Unauthorized Practice of Medicine”

  1. Frank Luciano says:

    i’m just writing to tell you that Dr. Cabral never convinced anyone to go and get surgeries done at his clinic its up to oneself if they want to go and get done whatever and wherever they want, i got lipo done with Dr. cabral and my wife got lipo and tummy tuck and he told us that we would have to stay in the country for at least 3 weeks and if not we would have to see a waiver and we would have to release ourselves, he’s a very responsible doctor and wouldn’t do anything in this country that would go against and he did over 20,000 surgeries for these 2 ladies that had an issue it was because they didn’t follow his post surgery procedures and thats what happens when you don’t follow the doctors orders.

  2. yohanne maldo says:

    @ Mr Frank Luciano you are clueless on what really is going on. I have not said anything but he did a tummy tuck lipo on me and am scar for life and almost die…. you need to find out more information. bye

  3. Ashley says:

    I have to admit this whole thing is RIDICULOUS! Dr. Cabral is a very reputable, accredited, top notch Plastic Surgeon in the Dominican Republic. He NEVER lured,convinced,or decieved anyone into going under the knife with him; I know this for a fact because I myself had liposuction done by him (June 2009). Dr. Cabral is very strict as to what one must do as far as quitting any alcohol or tobacco use, staying on point with your iron level, and above all POST-OPERATIVE CARE! Dr. Cabral and his staff urge anyone traveling from ANYWHERE to prepeare to stay in the Dominican Republic for at least a month after your surgery.. The fact that these two women had bad experiences is very unfortunate but we have to look into their lifestyles, and what they were doing before and after surgery.
    Another key point in this case is the owners of the spas,beauty salons, and apartments were the ones performing post operative care on a lot of women! Why aren’t they being scrutinized? Anyone can tell you that no doctor or “nurse” should ever do post- op care on another doctors patient’s..Just saying…

  4. MARIAM says:


  5. MARIAM says:


  6. Dominique says:

    Im agree with who said dr Cabral is inocent of all of this, he is the best of the DR in plastic surgery. Im sure that those 2 women did not followed the indication post surgery.

  7. wendy says:

    i think this could happen to any doctor i had a good expirience with cabral he did a very good job on me and i would choose him again anytim

  8. sharon.j says:

    Well am sorry to hear about these two ladies but i dont think i can side for them i myself had surgery done by dr cabral and i must admit i am in love with my job done i felt no kind of pain and staff were very helpfull included him and cure lady.i think its important to follow docters order and take medication on time it is very normal that a docter has 1 or 2 patients that maybe there body did not agree to surgery and also very normal that may that some dont get what they expected in plastic surgery.We often blame docters but a scare is like a baby how you take of it ,it either cure very nice and be satisfied.when i travelled last year to see him he really made me feel confident and that what his job has done for me give the extra high esteem confidence.what i read about these ladies is so strange that 2 persons travelling same time can have this luck and why did they not visit his emergency room in santo cause for what i read they went to us emergency rooms and should have still been in santo.maybe they should investigate what steps ladies did wrong.i also dont see anything wrong with consulting clients abroad if you said opperating them i would understand but his consultation is real straight forward come greet say what you want har price and up to you to pay and want to do the surgery.dr cabral i hope to see you soon as your back in santo.

  9. frances D says:

    I really don’t know what happend with those two ladies all I know is that Dr Cabral is a excellent surgeon and wonderful person. I had a lipo and butt augmantation and I am the most happiest peroson on earth with my results. All I know is that I followed all his recommendation.

  10. MELONIE P. says:


  11. Larissa says:

    cabral, is a great doctor i really think those ladies are acting. i did my lipo & tummy and i have to leave before time, cuz my sister was sick here in usa.. and mr. cabral let me go on my own risk a month later her travel to see. he is a great doctor..

  12. Larissa says:

    yes, he is a honest person someone better tust us. many ladies from my family did surgery with cabral

  13. Yohanne Maldo says:

    Hello everyone it me again. I am glad that alot of women had a job well done but its not only two women okay its more lots of them. just because they went on television to tell they’re story doesn’t mean they are the only ones. I know in my side three plus myself is four. oh the two women are six. should we count more.

    I had surgery with dr. cadral and follow everything they said, i was in the dominican republic for one month and still I had to have a second surgery cause i had burns on my abs and back from the lipo. and if you want to know what i had, i had a tummy tuck lipo. i have a bad scar, burns on my back and needed blood . i almost die. i wake up in the middle of my surgery and where was dr. cabral at?? not there !!! they were only two men there. and i was in the hospital for three days. and a month in the d.r. that was in march of 2009

    i went home to the u.s.a. and thank god i worked in a hospital since i am a nurse i had help from my boss ( dortors) in my healing time. but i lost my job, could not drive for four months and i’m still not working. i trusted him since he was a friend of my father but when you have to do lots of women in one day mistakes happen. and this doesnt happpen to doctors. he was not responsible.

    so people again i wish i was one of you guys that can say dr. cabral did a great job on me but he didn’t so when you do something wrong it catches up to you. in time. all i am is thankful that i am alive to be with my three young under 10 years old kids.

  14. HOW FUNNY says:

    ALL THE WRITING STYLE IS THE SAME and so is the ip address and all are from the dominican republic. how funny is that!

  15. Luna says:

    My bestfriend and i had lipo and tummytuck done in feb 2009, i will not lie, it was very painful, we felt as if someone had taken us and beaten the dayliights out of us, the first days it was a sense of uselessness, we couldnt move, barely walk, didnt want to do anything, we stayed in DR for 2 weeks and had to come back due to obligations and responsabilities. But one thing i will say is that he did an awesome, incredible job. im very happy with the results, its been 2 years since and i am still the same shape i was after all the swollen, scars had disappeared! Everyone in my circle is amazed at how incredible we looked. i would go again to him anytime! I do not judge or criticize anyone or the Dr and i cant imagine what went wrong. ALl i can say if one person gets operated they have to take care of themselves for a few months, it doesnt meant that because you look good after 3 weeks you start goin out, drinking, partying, everthun takes time and our body is our sanctuary… TAKE CARE OF IT!!

  16. Candy says:

    First of all, Dr. cabral doesn’t charge to see patients here in the United States, the spas and other locations where he sees patients are the ones who charge since they are using their space for the consultations. They keep the moneY, not Cabral. My aunt, three cousins, my sister, and I have had surgery with Dr. Cabral… Everything from nose to lipo to tummy tuck to breast implants. We are ALL satisfied with his work. With that said, we are all healthy non-smokers or drinkers. We do not have medical issues or take any medications. And, none of us are or were over weight or fat. If you go in healthy and take care of yourself then you will have a much lower chance of a bad outcome.

  17. cherri dee says:

    I believe the women because i read up on the story but i believe that anytime u go under the knife u r taking a chance but i dont believe that its right to victimize a victim by accusing them of lying or attacking them online. we all have different experiences in this life we r not all the same, anyone can get an infection or have adverse reactions because what works for some may not work for all. ok with that being said i love his work and im looking forward to him working on me as soon as possible. i dont work for anyone im just an average american black woman trying to get the best for less, have a great day all i appreciate all info thanks

  18. Brenda Vega says:

    Just to give my input I had my Sugery done 6
    Years ago with Dr Cabal and never did I regret it
    He did an amazing job and honest u can never tell
    I did a tummy tuck, loved his work and know of
    A few friends that went and also happy.
    I will it do it all over again if I had to and let him work on me
    He did beautiful..

  19. Medina says:

    I went to Dr. Cabral 4/2012 and I almost died. His lipo was too aggresive. You can not do the same Lipo on everyone. He is not a good judge when it comes to determining what and how much lipo to do on one person. As women we all want that perfect shape but it should compromise the quality of your life. I regret going, his after care was nothing, meaning you stay at his recovery house and they don’t really care for you all that good. I was having complications and they said nothing. Maria his english speaking assistant said nothing. I realized now that I was having a problem with my TT but all he said was it’s going to heal. I believe if I had of stayed I would have died from infection and the blood clot I had developed. His level of care is not good and I felt all he cared was about getting my money. As soon as I got hope within three days I was in the hospital for about a month from many complications. I don’t drink, smoke I did everything to prepare for this surgery. Now that I did a little more research I wish I had went to Mexico because they are real recovery houses that are certified,,expense but I think it would have been well worth it. Dr Cabral is dangerous because of his too aggressive lipo. You have to be careful when doing lipo of the abdomen with a TT because the blood vessels are compromised and alos the fact that I had stretch marks on my stomach. As a doctor he should of said something to me and he did not. And, I also have a burn mark on my thigh from the lipo..SMH,,he needs to stop.

  20. Medina says:

    Also I forgot to mentioned I have a hole in my stomach and I have to get reconstructive surgery in 2013. My shape is nice but my stomach is horrible. I also was in the house from May until August and had to have a nurse check me three times a week. I lost my job and did not graduate from college on time. My hospital bill was 152,000,000. Thanks Dr. Cabral.

  21. Joshua says:

    This guy is a murderer he murdered my cousin last month he needs to be in jail

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