Medical and Surgical Eponyms

We have compiled an extensive list of over 10,000 medical and surgical eponyms. Please note that the correct definition of a medical eponym is a person for which a medical term or phase is named (not the medical term as is commonly used)

Fasanella-Servat procedure

Surgical procedure used to correct mild ptosis of eyelid secondary to congenital or acquired involutional conditions or to correct Horner syndrome; does not affect final positioning or prominence of lid crease. Small stab wound in skin in lateral border of lid crease is made with eversion of upper lid; 2 small hemostats are clamped across superior tarsus, inferior Müller muscle, and conjunctiva (avoiding imbrication of skin and levator aponeurosis); 6–0 mattress suture is run 1 mm above hemostats, which are then removed; and tissue is resected at crush line. Suture is then run from medial to lateral to rejoin superior tarsal edge to inferior Müller muscle.