Landmark Cases

District of Columbia vs. Heller (2008)

First US Supreme Court Case on the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

Holding – struck down DC law preventing citizens to own handguns and having rifles disassembled.

Body of Proof Star Dana Delany Uses Incorrect CPR Technique and Protocol

In the opening scenes in the last episode of Body of Proof, a television series starring Dana Delany as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt, a patient was given CPR after being shot in the back.

While the writers of Body of Proof, no doubt, will claim dramatic license in the depiction of the scene to further the episode’s story line, the technique and protocol used by Dr. Hunt does not fit with the standard diagnosis and treatment steps as described in the 2010 guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and practiced in real-life resuscitations by trauma surgeons, intensive care physicians, emergency medicine physicians, and prehospital educators.

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Body Of Proof Star Dana Delany Mistakes Horizontal Tracheostomy for Cricothyroidotomy watched with interest a recent episode of the terrific ABC medical drama Burden of Proof staring Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt, a neurosurgeon turned medical examiner.

Although we found the Body of Proof episode much more realistic than most medical television shows, one unconventional medical decision we noted was the script calling for a tracheostomy to be performed to establish an emergency airway in the field.

Body of Proof

Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt in Body of Proof

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pedia notes

bartonella – Scott’s website, lots of detox info
Biodentistry – wholesaler for Pekana
Buhner herbal protocol
Chlorella – thought to provide mercury detox, many think is best. other brands are E-lyte and Sun
Cholestapure – supposedly less difficult to handle than cholestyramine
Comprehensive Medical Center – Kirkland, Washington clinic that acts as home office in the United States of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD (425) 823-8818. Dr. Klinghardt visits intermittently and charges $7/minute. He has two naturopaths that work with him and they charge $3/hour. Waiting list to see Klinghardt is 2 years.
Co-Q 10
Daily Charts – Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania has one that is used by patients
Deseret Biologicals
Detox, Biotoxin
Detox, Heavy Metal
Detox, foot pad – Health Marvels, Podi Patches
Detox, homeopathic – Pekanna
Detox, bath – peroxide, epsom salt, fresh grated ginger
Detox, bath – 1 tablespoon dry mustard seed powder, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder, 1/2 teaspoon dry ginger powder, 1/2 teaspoon dry rosemary powder gives relief from aches, pains, toxic headaches
Electromagnetic frequency sensitivity – companies that sell products include EMFblues (bracelets and pendants) and Earthcalm which claim they “neutralize” the deleterious effects of the electromagnetic and microwave fields and LessEMF which mostly offers products that actually block the fields. Must make distinction between magnetic fields and electric and microwave fields. Only certain shields will block magnetic fields, not the fabrics and such. One report of increased symptoms with ingestion of chocolate as it is supposedly high in copper which then acts as antenna. Gets better for some people with chlorella, epsom salt baths, 4-6 cups of green tea, and 2-3 teaspoons of flax.

Garlic – organic form pushed by Kinghardt.
Genova Diagnostics – for detoxigenic liver test, formerly Great Smokies lab. Has contract only with Medicare so while some insurance plans do cover tests performed at this lab, the facility is always considered out of network for non Medicare coverage.
Glutathione – popular source from naturalhealthyconcepts
Grapefruit – good for weight loss, low glycemic index, affects drug levels
Hansa Center
HEEL detox – lhomeopathic, 3 different bottles ots of people think effective, 1/3 cost of Pekana detox, lots buy off of Vitacost

Horowitz, Richard, MD – Hyde Park, New York, very influential
Jernigan protocol – homeopathic remedy for ??
Klinghardt, Dietrich, MD PhD – investigates KPU syndrome, works intermittently out of Comprehensive Medical Center in Washington state when in the United States. Also has clinic in Germany. Recommends many supplements from BioPure which is run by his ex-romantic partner
Magnesium – has wide therapeutic window, most commonly recommended po supplement form by lyme practitioners is magnesium glycinate, sometimes given IM, borrelia thought to require this in their metabolism, side effects are ??
MSM – used for detox
Nutramedix – widely used source for supplements, particularly burbur and parsley
PE1 – type of photon type machine similar to Bionic 880
Pekana drainage kit – homeopathic remedy, some patients rave about it, much more expensive than HEEL
Pomegranites – change drug metabolism supposedly similar to grapefruit (check this)
Pulling oil – some type of treatment done when amalgams are removed
Quest Labs
Rife, Royal
Rife, treatment

Rosner, Bryan
SAR nomenclature
Sauna, conventional
Sauna, far infrared – Scientific American article on FIR sauna made by Sunlight, complaint board on Sunlight
Schaller, James
Strassheim, Connie
Xymogen – widely used source for supplements, particularly NAC and ALA
Zeolite – general detoxifier and mercury detoxifier, popular brands are ACZ nana, from and Waiora

Appendix A – Patient Advocates

Rosner, Bryan
Strassheim, Connie

Appendix B – Physicians

Bock, Stephen
Harris, Stephen
Schaller, James
Whitmont, Richard

Appendix C – Naturopathic Doctors

McFadzean, Nicola

Self-Gripping Hernia Mesh Technique Evolving

Surgeon J.L. Porrero and colleagues are reporting a new twist in placing self-gripping mesh in inguinal hernia repair that might prevent help prevent accidental fixation and “stickiness” during placement.

He recently published a report in Hernia that suggested folding the top third of the mesh back onto the middle third to reduce the number of microgrips attaching directly to the skin.

This still allows for microgrips to attach to tissue of the pubic bone and inguinal ligament in the most immediate area of the hernia space.

Get the Nurses on Your Side

Insiders will tell you that the quality of the nursing staff in a hospital is just as important as the quality of doctors that practice there. There is no question that a dedicated, proactive nurse can make all the difference in the care your loved one receives during a hospital stay. Try the following to totally win over the nurses:

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Enterococcus faecalis

Enterococcus faecalis is a gram positive, catalase negative bacteria that is an increasing worry for clinicians as a cause of hospital-acquired infections.

It is a normally occurring bacteria in the intestines, bile ducts, and genitourinary system. However, when there is local overgrowth due to other flora being suppressed (especially by cephalosporins) it causes clinically important urinary and biliary tract infections.

Interestingly, Enterococcus faecalis has an outer capsule that prevents it from being degraded by bile salts.

Of particular worry is the ability of Enterococcus faecalis to enter the bloodstrean and colonize heart valves in subacute bacterial endocarditis.

There is a heightened risk of subacute bacterial endocarditis in heart valves that have previously been damaged by Group A streptococcus such as in rheumatic fever.

All strains of E. faecalis are resistant to cephalosporins and there are now some strains resistant to vancomycin.

The diagnosis is made by culturing in 40% bile and 6.5% sodium chloride solution.

Treatment most commonly is ampicillin or vancomycin if no resistance is present and an aminoglycoside

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